With its over-the-counter fame, CBD has risen against the ranks of kale and avocado. It’s in our New York empanadas and face masks with milligrams ranging anywhere from 5 to 100 per product.

Experts within the cannabis industry — from journalists to researchers — caution that the claims behind (and even sometimes unnecessarily in all our beauty products), and they’re not wrong. Not enough conclusive, long-term research has been done on CBD to justify or prove marketing’s magical claims.

But — and that’s with a capital B — that doesn’t mean it’s not effective either. There are some products that have been good enough to keep editors and my coworkers at Healthline coming back to “add cart.”

1. CBD Natural Pain Reliever by Shea Brand

CBD Natural Pain Reliever by Shea Brand

“When I was intensely sick for two weeks, I carried this balm with me everywhere. The effect on relieving muscle pain was mild (I’m used to pain relievers that have THC) but the real win was how my nose stayed baby soft and chaf-free after days of sand paper friction. I don’t believe it was the  alone, considering I’ve used shea before to no avail, but also the combination of cannabidiol, arnica oil, and vitamin E. Those ingredients have anti-inflammatory and healing properties that make this tin a staple in my care bag.” — Christal Yuen, beauty editor

Milligrams (mg) per purchase: 50 mg

2. Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salts by Vertly


“Vertly’s bath salts feel like a massage in a bag and always leave me feeling deeply relaxed. The herbs they use turn an ordinary bath into a botanical experience. I soak for about 20 minutes at least once a month. Whenever I’ve had a particularly stressful day or I just want to start a new week with some self-care, I run a bath.” — Isabel Spahn, senior editor

Mg per purchase: 50 mg

3. Calm Pen by Dosist


“It’s not a skin care product per se, but the Calm pen is really helpful for anxiety and sleep. It’s a 10:1 CBD:THC ratio that measures the dose for you. You definitely don’t feel stoned, but a bit more relaxed without sending you to the moon. I use it when necessary — sometimes before bed depending on the day, but usually it’s a go-to for when I’m feeling a little stressed, socially anxious, or having procrastination anxiety.” — Erin Peterson, editorial director

Mg per purchase: 2.25 mg per dose, 200 doses per pen

Cost: Varies if it’s legal in your state

4. W!NK Eye Cream


“This eye cream goes on light, doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, and can easily be worn under makeup. [It’s] gentle enough to use twice a day. As a bonus, I feel like I look more awake when I’m wearing it.” — Megan Severs, senior editor

Mg per purchase: 50 mg

Cost: $48

5. Relief Balm! By Papa & Barkley

Releaf Balm! By Papa & Berkeley

“I put this on my temples and in the middle of my forehead to relieve headaches and stress, and get my beauty sleep. Plus, it smells amazing!” — Jackie Cruz, project manager

*Quite a few folks on our team swear by this product, especially when cramp fest comes around. You can choose between a CBD:THC ratio of 1:3 or 3:1. For the 1:3 ratio, a little goes a long way. I’ve even used my fingernail as a measurement because of how effective this balm can be.